Crane Insulators : Various Insulators For Crane


We manufacture epoxy / porcelian busbar insulators for eot crane bus-bar / eot crane current collector in india last 35 year.our company is one of the largest manufacture for busbar insulators in india.

Type of busbar epoxy insulator we manufacture :
1. Conical type : A) Without Collar B) With Collar
2. Cylindical type
3. Hex Type
4. Drum Type
5. Mini Insulators / Small Size
6. Busbar type / Sp type,

We also offer customization so that they match the technical specifications provided by the client. These are of premium quality. These are also high durable, easy to use and maintain high quality standards.

bush & bolt size we manufacture :- m6,m8, m12 ,m14,m16,m20,m24,m36,available as per requirements.


we manufacture inulator with high class epoxy resin/dmc/ porcalien and best quality brass bushing instatd of insulator.