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lyra male female contacts for mcc panel


We msckolkata manufacture all type of lyra fixed or moving contact for mcc feeder panel .


We msckolkata manufacture all type of lyra fixed or moving contact for mcc feeder panel .

Carbon Brush


Brush Performance:

With focus on efficient utilization of energy, brush specification must assume a priority status to ensure that the carbon brush is exactly suited to your application. Efficiency and life of an electrical machine is directly influenced by the quality of the brush and the selection of the most suitable grade. Brush performance greatly depends on :

Proper Grade Selection

The objective is to select suitable carbon grade which shall produce a good skin on which the brush shall run without wearing out the commutator.

Proper Fabrication of the brush

Brushes manufactured at MSCKOLKATA are all cut in the direction of grain orientation of the carbon block. Perfectly parallel sides with very close tolerances are maintained to ensure the brush slides in and out of the holder without jamming or having much play. Special care is taken at connections (tamps) between the copper flexible and the brush piece and a 100% MV drop test is conducted to ensure the joints are perfect, and that there is a very low drop in current at the joints.

Fitment of brush on the equipment

At the time of brush fitment it is advisable to:
Check the condition of the rotating surface to eliminate flat ridges, high mica and rough spots.
Make sure brushes fitted are all of same grade.
Check for adequate clearance between the brush and the brush box
Check and adjust brush pressure.

Industrial ApplicatIons

Cement Factories
Coal Mill Motors
Klin (DC Motors)
Mill Applications
Mining Industry
Loaders & Trucks
Steel Plants

crane current collectors


We manufacture various types of current collector like single hinged, double hinged ,dsl ,gravity type current collectors are used to tap power supply from down shop leads to the moving crane. These current collectors with cast iron shoes will slide on the top of the angle iron type DSL system.

we also manufacture all type of current collector as per drawing / sample.


cast iron ,copper ,epoxy resin,porcalien ,copper fixable,

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